A NuYorican Woman of the 60s

As a woman who lived through the exciting sixties, there isn’t a bone in my body which doesn’t cry out for a cacophony of voices to be heard for what is happening to our world. Greed upon greed is overtaking the western world at the speed of light.   But there is a flickering light where people have gathered in most major cities in solidarity crying out for change before the western countries become third world countries and the powerful become more powerful. Men turn on one another only to discover that they all want the same thing. That the powerful who govern should be accountable and responsible to those that put them there. To give back to the people whose backs are broken from the sweat and tears of their toils to work for the man so he can accumulate more wealth.

Yes I was a woman of the 60s and I protested like the rest of them for civil rights, for no unjust wars, for equality for women. Our children will be inheriting this world, and I shudder to think that their world will not be a world full of promise and hope. God bless our World and that it awakens from this sorry state into a world of promise and peace.

The images above are a collage of dealing with the chaos of today and coming to grips with what appears to be a changing world.


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