Healing through Artistic Expression

Recently, Khadijah Sahraoui and myself had an exhibition dealing with depression at Gallery 116 in Stoke on Trent, UK.  The exhibition was called The Dark Side of the Light. The Dark Side of the Light touches upon different aspects of loss, aloneness, violence, which often leads to depression.  It was an exhibition that was necessary for my healing, in particular, because of dealing with depression first through my mother and then in my own life.  It is never an easy road, and many deal with depression behind closed doors, but we need to show it is not an illness that needs to be neatly tucked away, hoping no one would notice.

Khadijah Sahraoui explored depression through her minimal painting of black and white figures depicting the angst of depression.  For myself, I chose to turn the camera on myself and explore the emotions associated with depression.  In this post I am showing the images that were in our exhibition, and hope that you will not turn away, but accept that it can happen to anyone.  Through opening the doors to acknowledging mental illness, we can begin to address and heal from this lonely illness.  Here are some images that I shared during the exhibition.  Thank you.



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