Take Your Time To Photograph and Have a Zen Moment.

“Elliott Erwitt was the master of finding the beauty in the mundane and making it something extraordinary. Through his long tenure as a street photographer, he shot children, dogs, and ordinary scenes and made them fascinating. The beauty of street photography is that you don’t need to go long and far to take an interesting photograph. All the greatest photo opportunities are right in your backyard, regardless of where you live.
Even if you spend all your time driving and commuting, Lee Friedlander had a series in which he shot America through his car and made some fascinating photographs. Keep your eye open for ordinary things and make them extraordinary.”

The quote is from the article, 10 Famous Photography Quotes You Must know.  The link for the article is below.

I  truly believe the above quote rings so true, especially if you don’t have lots of money to spend on high tech cameras or travel to exotic places.   Perhaps one should just spend a day at their home and really observe and see what interesting gems to photograph in their homes or backyard.  You might be pleasantly surprised. I had a professor once who took us out, and she said, “put your cameras away…go out and walk and observe.  When you are done come back and we will talk about it”.  After we had talked about it she said, “now go again to the place and photograph”.   I truly believe it made a difference in our work.  It made us slow down instead of clicking everything in sight.




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