To Manipulate or Not Manipulate

Developing and printing my own films in a darkroom was a rewarding and memorable experience for me. I would spend hours developing and printing my films. The best time was in the early hours on the weekends, where I was able to spend hours alone and become one with my photographs. Ok, I know that is a little Zen, but it was for me. The hours were spent enlarging, cropping, burning, dodging or making the image blurred or sharp. In other words, it was the old fashion way to Photoshop. I made mistakes along the way, but I learned to be a better image-maker because of it. I was lucky if I got one good shot out of a roll of film, but when I did it was in the darkroom that I got to create my own magic to change it. Do I miss the darkroom? Of course, but now my camera of choice is my iPad and iPhone. I guess for me it was economics, speediness, and still be able to manipulate   if I so choose. If I could afford it, I would do both, no doubt. I just want to have my Zen going on in the darkroom once again. Besides with your film camera you get to fiddle with your settings in manual mode, and see what you might come up with. With the iPhone or iPad I like it to shoot the unexpected or a moment that will be frozen in time.

Many online photography sites are accepting manipulated photographs.  It is no longer taboo to submit images that have been manipulated to these sites.  Below is a photograph that shows how the photographer is going to work on the image in the darkroom to get the results he wants.   In other words manipulated.  You can see more at

So what was the question?


Below are my manipulated photographs using iPhone and IPad apps.



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