Everyone is a Flanuer or Flanuese

Seriously, practically everyone has a smartphone…so, it makes sense that society has billions of photos in cyberspace where people like you and me are documenting their surroundings and experiences, except of course, if you are texting 24/7. However, if you could add a distinct flavor to your images while strolling around town then of course that makes for a more interesting photo. When I would be strolling with my husband and I would aim my camera at a scene or an object he would say, “that’s been done before”, and he was right. So the next time you are in front of the Eiffel Tower say to yourself, how can I make this a more intriguing photo? Should I squat down on the floor and take it from the ground? Should I take a shot of a particular detail? Should I try to silhouette it? Maybe you don’t have to leave home. You can take photos of anything in your home and make it interesting. There are endless possibilities. Another possibility is to create an intriguing or mysterious photo, as if you are telling a story. I know a photo does not need words, however, I am guilty of using my words as a stepping stone to a thought, a story, or even a poem, and why not. Make your image speak to the viewer as it speaks to you.  



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