A family dealing with MS….

My son Ben was diagnosed with MS in 2010. It all started with balance issues and so he went to the hospital where they confirmed he had MS through an MRI and lumbar puncture. It is 2013 and because his MS is impairing his walking, seeing, etc., he can’t finish his studies at Arizona State University or even work a part-time job. He has been trying to get SSI for the last six months, and what was interesting is that they said but who is his primary doctor. He has none because he doesn’t have insurance, because he doesn’t have a job, because I am doing the best that I can taking care of him, but I am taking care of my husband who has cancer. But here is where I get angry. I called the Mayo Clinic in Tempe, Arizona to see if they could see him. They asked if he had insurance. I said no and they said well he would have to pay upfront. What’s wrong with this picture? Health care in the states needs to be available to all Americans. It’s too bad that the ones that truly needed are made to suffer or worst die because of lack of medical health services. I guess this is a rant from a mother and a wife, who has loved ones who are suffering. Peace and love to all.


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