Loving My Grey…one hair at a time.

I have been coloring my hair for over 30 years, but for the last two years I decided to stop. I wanted to see what my hair really looks like. It’s not quite silvery white, but it’s getting there. At first my kids said they didn’t like it, but after awhile I guess it grew on them. You know what the strangest thing is that when I use to color my hair, I didn’t get any attention, and now that I am grey, I am getting more attention then I use to. Go figure… My next goal is to try to let it grow, but since my hair is super curly and dry, I can look like a cotton ball, but there are so many new products out there to tame the frizz, that maybe I will be brave and see where it takes me. They say now that grey is the new black, and I think with the right makeup, accessories, and wardrobe…we can all be silver foxes. I know I am striving for that.


One thought on “Loving My Grey…one hair at a time.

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