What's up with the self portraits?

If you ask my son, he would say her image folders are filled with hundreds of self-portraits…and it’s completely true. I do take countless photographs of myself. You see when I was a child I didn’t consider myself being attractive. I mean I was always glued to the TV and all I saw were perfect people…with perfect noses, and perfect hair. It wasn’t until I got older that I began to be noticed. It wasn’t the head turning kind of notice, but still I was happy with the compliments I got. But everyone has a good side and a bad side, and my left side is the best. In fact, when I look at the difference, it’s like seeing two different people. When someone else takes my photo, I cringe because I know they will get my bad side. In my work as a photographer I study the face and see how I can bring the best out of them. So, yes, I will continue to take my own self-portraits and see how I evolve through the years. Even embracing my winkles and age spots…


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